VC Connect is where the best Berkeley startups meet the best Silicon Valley VCs.

The 4th annual VC Connect, hosted by the Haas Venture Fellows, took place on November 28th, 2017 at the Rosewood Hotel in Sand Hill Road.

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The pitch and networking night introduced 30 of the best startups from the UC Berkeley ecosystem to the world's top investors. The event kicked off with presentations by the  Berkeley startups, and concluded with a networking event at which startups and VCs had a chance to connect and discuss their progress, vision, and the potential for partnerships.

VC Connect brought a mix of well-known startups within the Berkeley ecosystem, like Mekonos and Oishii Farm from the LAUNCH accelerator, and other pioneering startups for whom this was their first public appearance. VC Connect brought together early-stage startups raising seed rounds and others raising Series A funding, catering to the different investors present. Together, the startups have raised more than $49M and are currently raising an additional $109M.

The event saw a big focus on the healthcare and biotech sectors, a growing trend among Berkeley startups. The University's strength in science research as well as its affiliation with UCSF makes the campus a unique hub for developing and bringing to market these kinds of technologies. In addition to Mekonos, some startups in the space that pitched at VC Connect were Aura Health, May & Meadow, and Raydiant Oximetry. Sensing and analytics technologies leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning were also widespread. Participating startups are using these technologies for purposes ranging from image processing for autonomous transportation to real estate visualization or voice communications. 

VC Connect will be back next year, providing yet another opportunity for UC Berkeley entrepreneurs to bridge unique connections and for investors to have an early, in-depth look into the some of the best innovations coming out of Cal. 

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