Fellows 2018/2019


  Daisy Huang --   LinkedIn

Daisy Huang -- LinkedIn

  Roman Kiwakyou --   LinkedIn

Roman Kiwakyou -- LinkedIn

  Harry Goldberg --   LinkedIn

Harry Goldberg -- LinkedIn

  Vincenzo Elifani --   LinkedIn

Vincenzo Elifani -- LinkedIn

  Jon Lam --   LinkedIn

Jon Lam -- LinkedIn

  Neha Ruikar --   LinkedIn

Neha Ruikar -- LinkedIn

  Justine Humenansky --   LinkedIn

Justine Humenansky -- LinkedIn

  Douglas Munsey   --   LinkedIn

Douglas Munsey -- LinkedIn



Daisy Huang.jpg

Dasiy Huang

Prior to Haas, Daisy was the Product Manager and Co-Inventor of an enterprise-level, patent-pending, Machine Learning Platform. Daisy spent 6 years in the big data analytics and machine learning industry, with both hands-on coding experience and product management experience in both China and US. She is passionate about exploring the intersection of technology and humanity. At Haas, Daisy is also part of the Haas Startup Squad. Daisy holds a BA in Economics and English from Tsinghua University.



Jon (whose friends affectionately call him Jon-Jon) is a first-year MBA student at Haas and leads the speaker series effort for Haas Venture Fellows. He started his career at the Yale Investments Office, where he worked on the venture capital and leveraged buyout teams, and has also worked brief stints at Hillhouse Capital and Lime. Jon holds a B.A., summa cum laude, in Engineering Sciences (Electrical) and Economics from Yale.


Justine Humenansky

Justine came to Berkeley-Haas to focus on innovation and investing after spending four years in NYC working as an equity research analyst at Barclays. At Barclays, Justine analyzed the Consumer Internet and Telecom Services and Infrastructure sectors, during which time she completed all three levels of the CFA program. Pre-MBA, Justine also worked in the Growth Strategy and Tech Ventures division of Equinix, a data center infrastructure company. Prior to her career as a financial analyst, Justine was a professional ballet dancer, performing with companies such as the Joffrey Ballet. At Haas, Justine is a Consultant with Blockchain at Berkeley, a Berkeley Scout for StartU, and a Dorm Room Fund Partner. Justine graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in Finance from Fordham University.


Neha Ruikar

Prior to Haas, Neha held Product Management positions at various Bay Area startup’s, focusing mostly on ML and AI. Neha was also a mentor at Google’s Launchpad Accelerator where she advised early stage women run startups on product-market fit, strategy and roadmap. At Haas, Neha was the Co-chair of the Venture Capital Investment Competition at Berkeley, where she organized workshops conducted by VC’s and law firms for entrepreneurs and students. Neha has a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Engineering from Pune and Purdue University respectively. She was also a Board member at Women in Cleantech and Sustainability, a non-profit organization and an Associate Editor at IEEE.


Roman Kiwakyou

Roman is a second-year student in Haas’ Evening & Weekend MBA program. Currently, he works in Silicon Valley Bank’s Energy & Resource Innovation practice and focuses on financings for venture-backed companies. Prior to Silicon Valley Bank, Roman spent five years on the investment team at Hercules Capital focused on investments in the sustainable and renewable technology sectors, and prior to that held corporate finance roles at two public companies. Roman is passionate about working with and supporting startups that are modernizing traditional industries such as farming, energy generation, and transportation. His goal is to help Cal founders develop sustainable (pun intended) business models that not only create financial success, but also have a positive impact to the environment.



  Claire Collery   ('17-'18)   LinkedIn

Claire Collery ('17-'18)

  Matthew Bond   ('17-'18)   LinkedIn

Matthew Bond ('17-'18)

  Jeff Oldenburg ('16-'17)   LinkedIn

Jeff Oldenburg ('16-'17)

  Sundar Subramanian ('16-'17)   LinkedIn

Sundar Subramanian ('16-'17)

  Taylor Smith ('16-'17)   LinkedIn

Taylor Smith ('16-'17)

  Andrew Briggs   ('17-'18)   LinkedIn

Andrew Briggs ('17-'18)

  Mariana Lanzas Goded ('17-'18)   LinkedIn

Mariana Lanzas Goded ('17-'18)

  Amanda Eller ('16-'17)   LinkedIn

Amanda Eller ('16-'17)

  Zach Thigpen ('16-'17)   LinkedIn

Zach Thigpen ('16-'17)

  Patrick Castles ('15-'17)   LinkedIn

Patrick Castles ('15-'17)

  Amy Fan   ('17-'18)   LinkedIn

Amy Fan ('17-'18)

  Christian Keil   ('17-'18)   LinkedIn

Christian Keil ('17-'18)

  Hussein Ahmed   ('17-'18)   LinkedIn

Hussein Ahmed ('17-'18)

  Chinmay Malaviya ('16-'17)   LinkedIn

Chinmay Malaviya ('16-'17)

  Josh Ephraim ('15-'17)   LinkedIn

Josh Ephraim ('15-'17)

  Brett Austin Cooper   ('17-'18)   LinkedIn

Brett Austin Cooper ('17-'18)

  Esmond Ai   ('17-'18)   LinkedIn

Esmond Ai ('17-'18)

  Sahinaz Safari ('16-'17)   LinkedIn

Sahinaz Safari ('16-'17)

  Ali Sardar ('16-'17)   LinkedIn

Ali Sardar ('16-'17)